Chapter 1: The Pawn


Zoraya's heart sunk as her vision became blurry, her chest started tightening, the object she held in her hand came in connection with the floor as it slipped through her fingers. The sound of the object connecting to the floor echoed around her room, making her realise that this was not a dream but in fact reality.

Instantly the worst started running through her head.

Zoraya had managed to put herself in check, didn't take long for her to realise that there were no moves left . . .  checkmate.




"Ashleigh." I moaned as we walked out of the Jamaican food shop, Brown Eagle that was located in Tottenham on the High Road. 

"Just one more stop. I promise." She says, leading the way to where she had parked her car.

We had been out the house for almost two hours now, she claimed that she was just running small errands for some friend that wasn't able to do it. I'm all for helping friends but I had a early start tomorrow morning and the train journey from Tottenham to Kingston was about to be a long one, so I needed all the sleep that I was able to get. 

"Mom said I needed to show you around the area anyways. So be grateful." 

I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything as I slid into the passenger side of the car. I was currently living with my aunt and her daughter, Ashleigh in North London - Tottenham to precise. The area was nothing like Kingston upon Thames were I use to reside with both of my parents until three months ago where they both passed away, leaving me no choice but to move in with my father's sister. Ashleigh and I were nothing alike, if anything we were the complete opposite of each other, Ashleigh was loud - me on the other I hated attention whereas Ashleigh craved for attention; the way she talked, dressed . . . Just everything. Ashleigh was two years above me, making her twenty but the way she carried herself you would of thought she was a lot older than just twenty due to the way she behaved. 

I was grateful that aunt Yvette picked me up and took me in when she did because she didn't have to, I couldn't be more thankful because that was the only family I knew I had in London. When I left Kingston, I left everything behind - I had friends that I grew up with from nursery, I had a job better yet I had a boyfriend of three years, we were still together but things were a lot harder to see each other considering we were on complete opposite end of London from each other. 

After a ten minute drive or so the car came to halt outside a few terraced house. I looked over at Ashleigh with my brows raised slightly as this wasn't her house.

"Come on." She tells me instead of waiting on my reply she exited the car. "Hurry up man." This girl was starting to do my head-in with all this demanding me about as if she was my mother. Slowly, I got out the car making sure I slammed the door with aggressiveness causing her to look back at me. "Are you paying for my shit?" She sucks her teeth and walks up to a white painted house, that had a parked black Audi Q3 parked on the driveway.

A few minutes passed until the door swung open, stood on the opposite side of the door was a man. Before, he could utter out a word, Ashleigh's curly afro attacked his face as she wrapped her arms around his neck, his arm stayed by his side.

"This is my cousin Zoraya." Ashleigh introduces me once she pulled away from him, allowing me to have a better view of him. "Zoraya Silas." 

The look he threw in my direction didn't go unnoticed. Nevertheless, he didn't say anything other than walking back into his home allowing us to follow behind him.

I stood by the entrance of the living room watching as Silas and Ashleigh had small talks or should I say as Ashleigh spoke to him while he stared ahead, not once did he utter a word. He just stared ahead.

I couldn't help but stare at him. Being from Kingston didn't stop me from hearing about the infamous Silas. Silas was known all over - known for all the wrong reasons. Silas had a look that demanded respect and attention as soon as he entered a room. He didn't have to speak to gain the attention of others, Silas being Silas didn't have to try and earn the respect of others, everyone either feared him or wanted to be like him. I've heard all these stories about him, I couldn't believe Ashleigh knew him like that. According to the streets, Silas was someone that you didn't want to try and play with. 

He carried a look on his face as he stare ahead ignoring Ashleigh as she still tried to get his attention. A look that look way too familiar to me - grieving

It's as if he felt me staring at him his eyes fell onto me causing me to drop my gaze.

"I brought you food." Ashleigh states, showing him the blue plastic carrier bag that contained the food she had brought from Brown Eagles. "I'll go warm it for you." Ashleigh smiles at him and when he didn't return one, she released a small sigh before walking past me and into the kitchen.

I looked back up to see that Silas still had his eyes on me. This time I didn't look away - I wanted to read him. I was usually good at reading people but I couldn't with him and it was starting to irritate me but then again I remembered, Silas wasn't just anybody. He didn't say anything, his tongue ran along his bottom lip as he moved his eyes from my face onto my naked thighs.

"I've never seen you around before." I felt my heart pick up a sudden pace at the sound of his voice. I didn't reply but when his eyes met back with mines, I opened my mouth to speak but closed it again deciding against it incase I say something he didn't want to hear.

"I recently moved in with Ashleigh." I tell him after a few seconds of silence. "I'm from Kingston."

"Makes sense." He says. 

I raised my brows confused why that made sense.

"And what does that mean?" I pressed.

He chuckles. I felt my stomach dip as his chuckle echoed through the front room. 

"You don't look like a North kinda girl." I nod, slowly. Still confused to what a North kinda girl looked like.

I watched as he stood up and walked towards me, he was about to walk past me but stopped in front of me.

"Do you know who I am?" He asks. I nod. "Are you afraid of me?" 

I wanted to scream yes but I couldn't let him see that he had that sort of affect on me.

I shook my head and mumbled out a no.

Silas step closer to me closing in the gap that was before us. I felt his hand rest on my hip. 

"How about now?" He ask. Again, I shook my head causing him to laugh. "I'll get us both into deep shit - let me stop playing with you."

"Sil- what you two doing?" Both of our head snapped in the direction of Ashleigh's voice. I had forgotten that she was in the house. Her eyes darted between Silas and myself waiting for an answer but there was nothing to answer as we weren't doing anything well I weren't, Silas on the other hand was trying to play with my emotions.

"I was coming to find you." He licks his lips with his eyes glued on the plate of food Ashleigh held in her hand with a bottle of water under her arm. "I'm starving man." He tells her, before reaching out for his plate of food and walked off to where he was seated before. He wasted no time in digging in. Ashleigh cut me a look before taking a seat beside him.

Girl calm down, I don't want your man

"How was the burial?" A few minutes past and Silas still hadn't answered the question that Ashleigh asked me. I was dying for him to answer I just wanted to nosey, who's burial and was the death of the person Ashleigh was referring to was they the cause of that sad grieving look he carried on his face. "Did you hear me?"

"I heard you - you asking dumb questions." He tells her and silenced her. I wanted to laugh so badly but I didn't but he was right, how can you ask someone how a burial went? How else was it meant to go?

"You still got that thing I gave to you last month to look after?" He asks.

"Of course."

He nods. "I'll pass by tomorrow for it."



"Open your legs for me." Michael's raspy voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Michael always has had this affect on me regardless of how long we have been together. Aunt Yvette had gone to work and as for Ashleigh, I wasn't too sure about her whereabouts. Both of them being out of the house gave both me and Micheal time to ourselves where we could enjoy each other's company. It felt so good to have him round and to be touched - I didn't even notice how much I had missed his hands all over my body. I haven't been touched like this since moved from Kingston.

I bit down onto my bottom lip watching as his hands creased my thighs, not once did he take his eyes off of me. I felt my chest heaving up and down as he used his thumb to press on my entrance. I could feel the hot sensation starting to build up inside of me, the way my body was reacting from the small touches were driving me insane. A small gasp escaped my lips when his thumb pressed harder against me. 

"You like that?" He ask. Instead of replying I closed my eyes and rolled my fist into a ball as I felt his finger move in and out of me slowly. Fuck, I started moving my hip trying to please myself but Michael grabbed onto my waist with his free hand. He slipped his thumb out, instantly my eyes snapped open. "I said do you like that Zoraya?"

I squinted at him as my body squirmed for more of his touch.

"Michael." I breathed out slowly. 

He still held the eye contact with me. 

"Answer me." He whispers. I felt him ease a finger into me. "Zoraya." He pressed, I quickly nodded as he picked up his pace. I threw my head back into the headboard as he eased another finger in causing my eyes to shut. "I love you, you know that?" I wanted to tell him I loved him too but this felt way too good to reply back to him. 

"Michael I-I ca-nt." I moaned, grabbing onto his bare arms for support. I could feel my legs starting to weaken from his touch.

"You can't what." I felt his hot minty breath on my neck. "Huh Zoraya?"

Just as I was about to answer him, just as I felt myself about to reach my limit - the doorbell goes off. 

"Ignore them." He tells me. I nodded agreeing as he picked back up the speed and rhythm he had going before.

Couple seconds after the bell rang again and again. This person was growing impatient and had managed to piss me off. 

Michael chuckled as he watched me slip on my house shorts with a screw plastered across my face.

"It's not funny." I tell him before leaving out the room.

As soon as I opened the door I instantly regretted coming down the stairs in these bare minimum shorts I had on. His eyes went straight to my thighs before looking back at me. Unlike yesterday he looked as if he was in a much better mood - nevertheless the mood Silas was in he still wore black from head to toe. 

"It's you." I say. "How can I help you?"

"Where's Ashleigh?"

"She's not in."

"You joking?" He sucked his teeth. 

I felt kind of bad that he did come all they for Ashleigh and she wasn't here considering that he did tell her yesterday that he was coming round. And just from the look on his face I could tell that he was well annoyed about having to come all this way and she weren't in.

"You can come in and wait on her if you want?" I suggested.

He quickly looked at me seconds later a smirk appeared on his lips. That feeling in my stomach returned. Ignoring the look on his face and the feeling I had in my stomach, I stepped aside allowing him to enter.

"Are you hungry, thirsty?" I ask, walking into the kitchen with Silas on my tail. 

"I'm good." I heard. I took out two bottles of water. "I said I'm good."

"I heard you." I say. "That's for my boyfriend." 

I didn't miss the look on his face when I said that but he quickly shrugged it off. 

"What did Ashleigh have for you?" I couldn't help but wanted to know what Ashleigh could possibly have for Silas.

"That ain't none of your business." I quickly shut my mouth. He was right it wasn't any of my business but I was concerned more than I should be. I didn't remove my eyes off of him as he typed away on his small black brick that he held in his right hand, leaning across the door frame. Silas outfit screamed money, I couldn't tell what designer he had on but my eyes didn't miss the pair of black camouflage Valentino he had on his feet. "You love staring at me init?"

Silas already had his eyes on me when I brought my attention back to his face.

"I don't mean to." I say before dragging my attention elsewhere. I wasn't lying, I didn't mean to stare at him but it was hard not to, from the way he carried himself to that face of his - that mysterious good looking face that you couldn't help but want to know about. Silas had this aura that drew people into him without knowing he was doing it or maybe he did.

My breathing hitched when the smell of his cologne scent went up my nose beside that I could literally feel his presence right behind me.

"Silas." I warned in a low tone when I felt his hands rest on my sides. "I have a boyfriend." I slowly reminded him.

I wasn't sure if I had whispered that to the point where he couldn't hear me or he was just blatantly ignoring me. I felt his cold lips brush against my neck. 

"That doesn't matter to me." He coldly says. 

Zoraya this isn't what you need. I constantly reminded myself.

"He's upstairs." I choked out reminding both of us, feeling his hands move to the front of my shorts, he moved his hands into my shorts and onto my naked flesh causing my breathing to hitch from his sudden touch. His cold tongue ran along my neck, sending shivers down my spine, Zoraya what was you doing? I placed my hands flat on the counter before me as his hands continued to explore on my flesh not once did he place a finger in, he continued to tease me.

I knew it was wrong but it felt so good.


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