Chapter 3: The Knight




Libertine was lively and packed. 

We hadn't even made it inside yet due to how long the line was. We had been in the line for almost thirty minutes already and it didn't feel like the line was moving at all and we were nowhere near the front of the line yet. There were too many beautiful girls here for us to even try and use pretty privilege as an excuse to get in. 

"This night is only going to end two ways with this amount of people here." Jada starts. "A good fucking night or a fight will break out."

I looked at her with my brows confused to what made her say that.

When she noticed my facial expression she continued. "That's North London lot for you - they don't know how to carry themselves sometimes man but I hope no fights happen cause this night looks like a lit night already."

"If we get in." I concluded.

"If we don't. I'll be big mad." We both laughed. 

I could see a group of girls who were laughing amongst themselves. Instead of joining the line like rest of us, they walked straight past us all and to the front of the line where they two securities looked down at the black clip board they had in their hands and let them through. Instantly, that brought up a load roar from others in the line.

I stayed silent watching the black Audi that had pulled up, I bit into my bottom lip as I noticed Ashleigh who was accompanied by Silas. I watched as he whispered something to her causing her to laugh. It wasn't just me that had my eyes on them, everyone did. Ashleigh was beautiful and Silas was what everyone envied or wanted. They looked good together. Ashleigh complimented Silas a lot.

"He's so sexy man." Jada comments. 

I nodded agreeing.

It's as if he felt my eyes on him out of everyone's eyes that was watching him, his eyes met with mines causing me to feel uneasy. I watched as he whispered something else to Ashleigh, she nodded her head and walked off to the front of line. Silas didn't move instead he just watched me watch him, shortly after he mouthed come here. It was like my feet had a mind of its own or maybe it was the four shorts of white Jamaican rum that brought this sudden confidence on?

"Zoraya where you going?" I heard Jada call out after me. Ignoring her I continued walking towards Silas.

He looked so good. I thought. 

As usual his eyes scanned me up and down as he took me in, I done the exact same. I pouted my lips watching as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip before looking back towards my face with a slight smile across his lips causing my stomach to dip.

"How long you been in that line?" He nods towards the line.

"Almost forty minutes."

"Damn." He chuckles. "You look nice though." He comments causing my smile to widen.

"Likewise." Came my reply. "Ashleigh your plus one for the night?"

Silas didn't reply for a minute or two.

"Could of been you." I felt myself all of a sudden becoming hot. Silas knew what he was doing. "You two trying to get in?"

"Are you going to get us in?" I watched him intensely.

His brows furrowed together. "What makes you think I can make you jump that long line?"

"I don't know." I shrug while smiling. "Other than the fact you're Silas but it's also your mates birthday."

"I hear that."

"So . . . Is that a yes then?"

He licked his bottom lip. "I could do more than get you both in, just a couple of things I would love for you to do though."

I laughed out. "Do you think I'm some sort of prositute Silas?"

He also laughs. "I never said that, don't try putting words into my mouth."

That look in Silas eyes didn't go unnoticed, nothing but utter lust.



As the night went on Silas didn't find himself enjoying himself but this was expected. Silas wasn't the partying type, Silas was only about making money after money. The only reason he was here is because Menace was his boy.

Silas's eyes didn't leave Zoraya who was down on the dance floor dancing with Jada to Megan Thee Stallion Bitch. Silasdidn't know what it was about Zoraya that was drawing him into her, a vibes that he had never felt before just always bounced off of her and because of the new feeling, Silas wanted to explore more. He wanted to dig deeper. Just like Zoraya, he was unable to read her which made him want to know more. The only thing that was putting him off of her was her age. Silas hated speaking to girls that were younger than him due to all the excitement that they came with. From his past experience Silas learnt that, the older girls kept quite compared to the younger girls who wanted everyone to know that they knew Silas or better yet was sleeping with Silas. And not to mention the older girls were a lot more experienced when it came to the bedroom. 

Silas was only twenty three but had a grown man mentality. He couldn't tell you when last he had a little fun. Ever since the burial Silas couldn't help but be tough and serious, he didn't want anyone thinking they could try and disrespect him now that he was on his own. 

Silas was sitting at the top of throne alone.

Silas watched as Ashleigh walked towards him gaining the attention of the horny men that was trying to gain her attention, being used to attention Ashleigh ignored them and carried on walking.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" Ashleigh shouts, wrapping her arms around Silas's waist and looked up at him. "You not enjoying yourself are you?"

Silas looks down and shrugs before dragging his eyes back onto the dance floor. When he didn't give her a reply she continued.

"We can go back to yours if you want?" Silas shook his head. "Ok how about you drink to lighten up your mood a bit."

Ashleigh sensing that Silas wasn't feeling it, she dropped her arm causing him to look down at her. And she was right Silas still had his eyes glued on her cousin who was moving her hips and singing in time to the remix of Savage with Beyoncé. Silas licked his lips noticing how much her hips were showing in that dress she had on - Silas was a sucker for hips. Like Shakira said, hips don't lie. 

Silas had completely forgotten about Ashleigh's presence as he took in her cousin, who from the dance floor could feel a pair of eyes watching her but didn't know who those eyes belonged to.

Not saying another word Silas walked off leaving Ashleigh there. Silas didn't say much as he walked towards the bar to get a drink. Just like Zoraya had said earlier in the night Silas had perks of being Silas. The bartender didn't ask what he wanted they already knew.

The music had now switched from hip hop to slow dancehall. Just as the DJ dropped the song, the intro started causing the girls to scream with excitement making the DJ get excited as he started Vybz Kartel Virginity over causing Silas to wince at the screams. Majority of the people in the club was now coupled up dancing to the sexual lyrics that Kartel spat making them all feel a way. Zoraya was a lover for slow dancehall, so she couldn't help as her waist moved slowly in time to the instrumental.

When she felt a presence behind her she didn't stop, she continued dancing. Jada's face and the stares from others made Zoraya knew that it was not just anyone behind her but in fact Silas, who she was surprised that was also moving in time to the music behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist causing Zoraya to rest her head on his chest while still dancing. Zoraya knew she could dance and now Silas knew so to.

Zoraya thought it has just a simple dance that wouldn't hurt anyone but Silas had other plans for Zoraya.

The sexual tension was high between the two as they continued slowing dancing against one another. Zoraya could feel herself becoming heated from all the sexual words Silas was whispering to her. She tried her hardest to block out his voice and focus on Vybz Kartel's voice, she couldn't help as her mind thought of the worst, Silas pleasuring her, the dirty sex the two could have.

Ramping Shop by Vybz Kartel and Spice was now being played. The DJ wanted Silas to have Zoraya right there and then with his choice of old slow dancehall.

Followed by Beg You A Fuck, Slow Motion, Gpytian Slow Wine, Popcaan Feel GoodNaughty Girl and more. 

He played a couple more old dancehall music before switching to the dancehall that was now in date as he dropped Sheensea Foreplay causing the girls to roar as they sang along with Shenseea.

"Me nah go lie to you but me haffi tell you seh, me love when it when you finger me." Zoraya sang along to the music while moving her waist slowly in time to the music with Silas keeping up with her.

Ashleigh stood afar watching as her cousin danced with Silas. If the glass cup she held in her hand was plastic, for sure it would of been crumbing in the palm of her hands as she watched the two carried on slowing dancing ignoring everything that was happening around them.

But she knew better than to try make a scene with Silas.

As the clock hit five in the morning, slowly but surely the night came to a end as the everyone started exiting the club one by one. Zoraya and Jada had their arms linked with each other as they walked out into the cold morning breeze. Instantly the two regretted that Jada didn't drive but they couldn't deny the fun that they had tonight, especially Zoraya herself.

"It's soooo cold." Jada stutters. Both girls had on nothing but a small dress that stopped way above their knees. 

"I know let's hurry up and book the Uber please." Zoraya says watching as Ashleigh climbed into the passenger side of Silas's car. Her brows furrowed together until she noticed Silas nearby talking to one man that she learnt throughout the night was the birthday boy, Menace. 

Silas felt those pair of eyes on him.

When he finished his conversation with Menace instead of walking back to his car, he looked around until he found what he was looking for. Silas was basically undressing Zoraya with his eyes. He gave her a small nod before walking off to his car.

"I didn't know you knew Silas like that girl." Jada says relaxing into the leather seat of the Uber, the warm heat felt good against her skin.

"I don't know him like that." Zoraya replied, resting her head on the window side.

"Tonight sure did not look like that." Jada laughs. "The whole club was watching as you two basically dry fucked."

Zoraya laughed out. "It was just a dance." She convinced herself.

"Girl a dance?" Jada shook her head. "That was more than one innocent dance. I can tell you that."

Zoraya just wanted to sleep this whole journey home whereas Jada on the other hand wanted to talk about the night.

"I thought you two were going to end up fucking on the dance floor." Jada continues. 

Zoraya shook her head at her friend. "I have a boyfriend."

"I know that." Jada states and eyed her friend. "But do you know that?"

The rest of the journey back to North London was filled with nothing but silence. What Jada had said to Zoraya was sitting on her mind. Zoraya knew she needed to address the situation on how Silas behaved around her, she herself needed to stop allowing him to touch her as if he owned her. This was a different type of thrill feeling Zoraya was experiencing, this was the type that she never had when she first met Michael. Maybe it was the fact that she knew it was wrong to be involved with Silas? Or was it the fact that it was Silas that wanted to do all those inappropriate things he was whispering in her earsWhatever it was Zoraya couldn't pin a finger on it but she couldn't help but felt as if she had a angel on one shoulder telling her to stay faithful to Michael and on the other shoulder the devil telling her to take the risk with Silas.

It was five thirty when Silas got in.

It was five minutes to six when Silas heard his front door being knocked.

He stepped aside opening the door wider, neither of the two said anything as she took one look over her shoulder and stepped in Silas's home.

Silas knew Zoraya would come.