Chapter two: Rook

LONDON, ENGLAND FRIDAY 19:30PM PAST I couldn't get Silas off of my mind ever since the little encounter we had in the kitchen on Monday. I knew that it was so wrong because I had a boyfriend but Silas was constantly on my mind. This was a new feeling to me, never had I imagined another man touching me the way Silas did that day. All that belonged to Michael but I had managed to allow another man come and interfere with all his assets. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help but like the thrill feeling I had that day, knowing that Michael was only seconds away and I was allowing another man to touch me in a way that only Michael had touched me. I knew I still loved Michael - of course I did, he was my world but Michael being my first and the only man to ever touch me in that kind of way. I couldn't contain the adrenaline that ran through my body when Silas's fingers went exploring.

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